The METAD Difference

THE METAD DIFFERENCE:  Quality You Can Taste – Reliability You Can Count On – Passion You Can See and Feel

We Start with the Highest Quality Coffees
METAD’s strict quality control protocols are applied to every phase of the coffee production process: seedling nursery, planting, crop maintenance, harvesting, processing and transportation. Now, over 10,500 local farmers participate in our “Out-Growers Program.” Through this program, METAD provides local farmers pre- and post-harvest training, which improves small farmers’ coffee quality, increases yield and price that in turn  impacts their livelihoods for the better.

We Ensure Quality Through Active Participation in the Coffee Value-Chain
METAD is involved in every step along the way, from seedling to farming, harvesting, processing, roasting and exporting; to our retail consumer brands, Kabu and Hambela Coffees. METAD’s coffees come from our farms and our out-growers, making every bag fully traceable. 

We Deliver as Promised – On Time, Every Time – Keeping the Lines of Communication Open Every Step of the Way
METAD understands it can be challenging to work in frontier markets. That’s why METAD’s executive team is dedicated to making this process smooth and enjoyable for our customers. Our management has spent years working overseas and knows the importance of ensuring customers get exactly what was sampled.  Each bag is walked through the cleaning and sorting process to make sure coffee integrity is controlled at each step of the process. At METAD, we understand our customers have schedules and commitments to meet, and our team consistently provides regular progress reports along the way. We take pride in our transparent pricing model, selling prices and on-time delivery.

Employ High-Standard Wet and Dry Processing Systems
METAD’s modern and controlled eco-friendly wet (Penagos) and dry mills keep the focus on quality. In addition to raised drying beds & processing mills, we have warehouses on location at our farm and processing sites in Hambela and Yirgacheffe (Gedeb).

We Maintain a Modern Coffee Quality Control Laboratories
METAD’s Coffee Quality Control Laboratory was the first privately owned laboratory certified in Africa (2013) by the Specialty Coffee Association of America (SCAA). The second and larger laboratory was certified by SCA in December 2019.  Both labs are equipped with state-of-the-art coffee tasting technology, the labs serve as a training site for domestic and international coffee professionals and are available for use by our valued customers. METAD is an In-Country Partner for the SCA and Coffee Quality Institute (CQI).