We Care About the Environment
METAD is at the forefront in utilizing environmental protection methods in relation to coffee wastewater disposal in the wet-processing stage to avoid ground or surface water pollution at our farm processing sites. To maintain our commitment to sustainability, modern farming techniques are employed, such as apiculture (for crop pollination) and intercropping (to maximize the use of land resources). At the METAD Berek Cleaning and Roasting facility, a filtration system has been installed that capture all dust and foreign materials and releases clean air into the environment.

We Care About Our Community
METAD wants to make our community happier and healthier, and takes pride in implementing ethically and socially responsible practices across the entire company.

We have provided over 650,000 high yield and CBD resistant seedlings to our out-growers for free and pay a premium for their coffees along with year-end bonuses.

At METAD, a portion of all profits are reinvested back into our community, going towards building new clinics, roads, community centers, digging wells for safe drinking water, and other initiatives. We have adopted a local elementary school, providing over 1,500 students with much needed supplies and financial support, and provided scholarships to 105 disadvantaged University students in the Yirgacheffe area. In addition, we partnered with Grounds-for-Health, a US-based NGO working with coffee farming communities to eradicate cervical cancer in women.

  • Built Elementary School including purchase of school materials as well as pay teachers’ salaries (Guji Zone, Hambela District) for 800+ students
  • Provided University Scholarship for under privileged Student (Gedeo Zone, Gedeb District) for 105 students
  • Built Community Center (Guji Zone, Hambela District, Bishan Fugu Farmer Association) for 100,000+ community members
  • Providing with Pre and Post Harvesting Training (Both Guji and Gedeo Zones) – Helps with increasing yield and improve quality of red cherries to our 10,000+ Outgrower program farmers
  • Gave out over 600K Coffee seedlings for free to our 6,000+ outgrower program farmers
  • Dug well for water access – for 5,000+ residents, nearby small holders and our own washing station (Guji Zone, Hambela District, Alaka Farmer Association).
  • Built Roads including bridges (Buku, Beriti, Bishan Fugu and Alaka in both Guji and Gedeo zones) for 300,000+ residents and METAD’s own use
  • Partnered with Grounds For Health for bringing cervical cancer testing for 100,000+ women (Both Guji and Gedeo Zones)
  • Provided necessary materials and fortified food during conflict between Guji and Gedeo for 30,000+ displaced people
  • Provided protective gears, soaps and sanitizers for both Guji and Gedeo for Covid 19 pandemic to 25,000+ people
  • Installed Eco Friendly Equipment that helps protect the environment (Both Guji and Gedeo Zones at farm sites and new cleaning facility near Addis )