Way we carry it out

Farm Operations

METAD has the capability, through our network of farms and processing sites, to source all types and grades of coffees (YirgacheffeTM, SidamoTM, HararTM, Limu, etc.), as well as the capacity to meet large volume orders.

METAD sources high quality Red Cherries from both its own farm estates and Outgrowers program smallholder farmers
5 processing sites in Oromia Region, Guji Zone, Hambela District and in Alaka, Bishan Fugu, Buku, Benti Nenqa, and Goyo Farmer Associations
3 operational sites in SNNPR Region, Gedeo Zone, Gedeb District and In Beriti, Udeyi and Gelcha Farmer Associations – include coordinates and maps of locations.

Gedeb Beriti (Processing Site)

Hambela Alaka (Farm Estate and Processing Site)

Hambela Bishan Fugu (Farm Estate and Processing Site)
Farm estates located in Oromia Region, Guji Zone, Hambela District and in Alaka (63.25 ha of planted area) and Bishan Fugu (78.30 ha of planted area) Farmer Associations.
All of the cherries sourced are certified organic
METAD does both Washed and Sun-dried coffee processing methods at the farm sites. Provide details of each processing methods.
METAD Uses Eco-friendly washing machines from Penagos at its locations
Coffee Seedling Nurseries in both Alaka and Beriti sites
METAD plans to incorporate intercropping methods to grow spices such as black pepper on exiting farm sites and also introduce apiculture