Introduction to METAD

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METAD is a coffee producing and exporting company from Ethiopia and was founded by Aman Adinew. Coffees are sourced from both SNNPR Region, Gedeo Zone, Gedeb District and Oromia Region, Guji Zone, Hambela District. METAD established the first privately run outgrowers program with local smallholder farmers as members. Membership currently stand well over 10,000 in both major areas. METAD coffees and operations are certified Organic / UTZ. METAD takes its Corporate Social Responsibility very seriously through multiple programs it has established.

METAD’s philosophy and vision centers around a unique “seed to cup” or “bush to brew” model. Buyers choose from a wide variety of the finest Ethiopian coffees, either produced or sourced by our staff. We ensure that these coffees are grown and harvested in accordance with our unsurpassed quality standards, then graded in METAD’s certified coffee quality laboratory. From our farm all the way to delivery, the METAD team works to ensure our buyers receive the high quality coffee they expect.

At METAD, we have a vision to see Ethiopian specialty coffee enjoyed by sophisticated consumers across the world, and in doing so, help Ethiopia achieve the worldwide brand recognition its coffees deserve.

From seed-to-cup, we work hard to produce, process and export premium Ethiopian coffees to the world. We use sustainable and eco-friendly cultivation and processing methods coupled with an unprecedented level of attention to quality control. We strive to operate our company on a basis of sustainable and profitable growth, increasing value for our investors, and prosperity for our workers and their families.

Our Values
METAD is committed to growing and sourcing the best coffees in the world. Our history and strong commitment to coffee and Ethiopia compels us to work with farmers and buyers who share our core values:

  • Reliability – METAD always ships the coffee you sampled. We respect our customers’ schedules and commitments, and pride ourselves on our transparent pricing model, selling practices and on-time delivery.
  • Quality – METAD differentiates itself by sourcing and producing only the best coffees that are harvested, processed and exported with transparent, sustainable and traceable practices.
  • Corporate Citizenship – METAD knows in order for the company to thrive, its employees and the communities it works in must also thrive. We provide nearby farmers with pre- and post-harvest training and a portion of all profits are reinvested back into the community through educational and health partnerships. We are committed to being responsible and pro-active members of the Ethiopian business community and to doing our part to encourage economic development.
METAD is registered with the Ethiopian Ministry of Trade and is a member of the Addis Ababa Chamber of Commerce Sectoral Association; the Ethiopian Coffee Exporters Association; the Ethiopian Coffee Growers, Producers and Exporters Association; the Specialty Coffee Association of America; the Specialty Coffee Association of Europe; the Specialty Coffee Association of Japan; and the African Fine Coffees Association.