How our Private Outgrowers Program receives assistance

METAD’s Private Outgrowers Program

METAD started with 438 smallholder farmers as part of its Outgrowers program in both its Gedeb and Hambela sites. As of 2020, that membership number has reached 10,000+
METAD has given out 600,000+ coffee seedlings for free to its member smallholders over the years to help them with expanding their footprint / increase yield
Each member in the Outgrowers program has to go through pre and post harvesting training on a yearly bases
METAD pays a premium on top of the market price during harvest when purchasing red cherries from its members. A second payment is also made to the same members in a form of a bonus towards the second half of the year based on the number of KGs sold during that past harvest. This is to discourage loan sharks from taking advantage of our members when their level of cash on hand usually dwindles over the months.