The whole process

METAD’s Coffee Cleaning, Roasting and Warehousing Facility

METAD has built a state-of-the-art Coffee Cleaning and Roasting facility in 2019 in Berek District near the outskirts of Addis Ababa ensuring quality control in overall operations from farm to export. The facility boasts with a set of Cimbria machines that are capable of processing 10 Tons of coffee per hour. This facility also houses METAD’s second SCA certified coffee laboratory.

Construction begin in late 2018 and was completed in late 2019
Became operational after the 2019 harvest in early 2020
As part of the main facility with an area over 6,400 m2 of space, the following functions are included

    • both Arrival (farm coffee storage) and Finished (export coffee storage) goods warehousing areas
    • machine platform area for all coffee cleaning machines including ecofriendly air purifying mechanism (capacity of 10,000 kgs of coffee per hour)
    • our second SCA Certified Coffee Laboratory (3rd in Africa) that can host 24 students and 36 cuppers
    • office space for our employees
In the basement area the following functions are located, we also have…

    • local coffee storage
    • Coffee Jute bags and GrainPro bags storage
    • Bag printing
    • commercial roasting

In addition to the main facility in the compound, we also have…

A building with staff changing room / restrooms on the ground floor + Kitchen / Café on the first floor.
A weigh bridge for weighing of truck / containers and goods
dug bore hole with access to clean water